Every sunday at 10am

safety first

We work hard to create a safe and fun environment that your child will look forward to every week. Our Calvary teachers are well trained and are required to have a background check. We have a secure check-in/check-out procedure, child-proofed rooms and age-appropriate toys.


2 – 5 Years

We know your preschoolers love to learn so we provide an interactive learning experience. Your children are taught God’s Word in an engaging atmosphere. Activities include: Praise + Worship, Bible Stories, Crafts, Puppets, Games + More!


Kindergarten – 6th Grade

High energy, interactive media, games, puppet shows and well-trained teachers will capture you youngster’s heart as we teach them to stay on God’s path. Each quarter, your child will have a chance to win a prize by earning tickets for bringing their Bible, knowing their Power Verse, bringing a friend and much more. At the end of each quarter, the child with the MOST tickets wins the prize!

special needs

Calvary Kids does not have a separate program for children with special needs at this time, but we are willing to accommodate your child, if possible. We ask that your child be able to participate in some of the classroom activities and only need limited assistance. If your child needs more one-on-one care, we welcome you to stay during class.

cry room

Our Cry Room is available for parents who bring their children to the adult service. You can see and hear the service without the fear of your child interrupting. A changing table is available within the Cry Room for your needs.

“We’re not just babysitting… We’re forming minds spiritually for the next generation.”