Over the years, I’ve reminded myself and those who will hear me, that we are “Living in the consequences of our choices.” What does that really mean? Here it is…every decision we make is simply a seed that will one day bring in a harvest. In other words, the choices I made yesterday, resulted in the consequences I’m living in today. And the choices I make today, will result in what happens in my life tomorrow.

So how do we begin to make the right decisions for our lives? Here is how…ask a few questions before you act! How is this going to affect my life? How is it going to affect my family? Is what I’m about to do, going to bring me closer to or further away from Jesus? Will this decision open or close heaven? Will it build me up or tear me down?

If we will wait, stop, and think about it before we act on it, we will start making better decisions. And if we can start making good decisions, instead of “Suffering the consequences,” we can “Enjoy the consequences.” Remember this, “It doesn’t take a life time to see a change take place in our lives, it simply takes the right decision.”