The devil wants nothing more than to take away our ability to live God’s purpose. And he does it by keeping us focused on our past and all the mistakes we have made through life. He also keeps us looking at what we haven’t done, or what we haven’t been able to accomplish in life. In other words, he keeps us focused on what we have experienced in life, which looks nothing like what we expected in life. And as long as we hang on to this idea that we are nothing but failures…this is all I will ever experience…we will end up living in God’s permissive will, and miss God’s perfect will.

Here is the truth…We can’t change our past…what is done is done. Instead, we have to somehow turn our focus on what we can change. Let’s stop seeing ourselves through the lens of what we could have accomplished…instead, let’s look at where God wants to take us, and what He wants to accomplish through us.

Remember this…what has happened in your past is not nearly as important as what God has in store for your future. In other words, “What you are doing now and where you’re going is so much more important than where you have been.” Let your past go…start living again…reach forward to what lies ahead. The best is yet to come!