I’m amazed at all the so called experts, who think they have the answer to seeing our nation turned around. They will tell us that immigration and health care reform is the answer; others will tell us that better paying jobs, or a higher minimum wage is the answer; still others will tell us that socialism, or better race relations is the answer.

Yet, here is the truth, and nobody even dares to mention it! There is only one way we will ever turn this nation around, and that is when we find a place to fall on our knees, and as a nation (from our President on down) cry out for God’s forgiveness, mercy, and wisdom. It is when we as a nation put God back into our families, schools, colleges, courtrooms, White House, and our Houses of Worship, then, and only then, will we begin to see this country moving in the right direction again. When Jesus is enthroned; when He is worshiped as the King of Kings, and Lord of Lord’s, then we will see the hearts of the people transformed. And when the hearts are transformed, the marriages and family is transformed, the church is transformed, the political system is transformed, and the nation is transformed.

Better jobs nor higher minimum wages won’t transform our nation; immigration, or healthcare reform, won’t transform our nation; more troops in the Middle East, or better relations between black and white, won’t transform our nation. The only answer for our nation is JESUS. Jesus is the way, He is the truth, and He is LIFE. Apart from Him, we can do NOTHING!