It’s been said that there are 366 specific promises throughout the Bible. A promise for every day of the year, and an extra one for leap year. There are a few of those promises I’m extremely grateful for. Let me give you a few personal promises I’m hanging on to today.

I am thankful that the Lord promised to keep me, and to be with me, even unto the ends of the earth; He promised that He would complete the work that He started in me; (now that’s a wonderful promise) He promised that in my weakness, His strength would be made perfect; He promised to never leave me, nor forsake me; He promised that all things would work out together for my good; And He promised that one day, He would not only come for me, but He would present me faultless.

No matter what you are faced with today…hang on to the promises of God. You can count on God to come through every single time.